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Food & Wine


Food & Wine

ACCE specialise in the Chinese foreign market. We are familiar with local products and understand the needs and demands of the Chinese population. With, well-established networks of foreign distributors already in place ACCE can open the doors to a market of of 1.3 billion people. This immediate access to the Chinese market make ACCE a world leader in foreign distribution.

At ACCE we are bridge for Australian producers and manufacturers of food and wine into Mainland China. We supply container loads of various Australian products to the world. Our expansive network and world class products has helped us develop a customer base that literally “spans the world.” Our mission is to find the products that meet our customer’s exact requirements, and are suitable for the supermarket trade, wholesale trade and even potential international expansions.

ACCE works closely with importers, packers and manufacturers to market our clients products so as to maximize returns and opportunities.

ACCE has exclusive mandates with major international supermarkets, wholesalers, government bodies and factory outlets which allows us to assume any of the following positions for Australian Companies:

Export Merchants
Export Agents
Export Management

Our services may include foreign market research, marketing strategies, foreign distribution, establishing a logistics system, managing and training a foreign sales force, shipping and export information and details, and arranging financial aid and foreign language translation services. We are experts in foreign trade and recognize the strongest market for an individual product and the best sales strategy to utilize in that market.