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Meet the Team


Meet the Team

At ACCE we’re a group of experienced entrepreneurs passionate about turning everyday business into a life changing outcome.

Our success at ACCE has been driven by our dynamic, dedicated team who truly underpin our reputation for agility, innovation and our passion for getting things done.

Real Estate & Property Developments
We have over 15 years of business experience and intricate knowledge of property development. Our team has extensive experience in the commercial and residential Sydney market. Our industry knowledge along with our people skills, have been a key factor when brokering major contracts.

Our team has an outstanding and clear view of the current market, pricing and values of properties. We focus on selecting the most appropriate properties by providing the best real estate solution to meet and satisfy every client’s specific needs. We also take care of all facets of marketing, sales, finance and law.

International Trade
Our international trade team covers a wide range of industries and a large number of countries or regions, possesses many social resources and connections in different countries, and has an in-depth knowledge of the trade and logistics policies and regulations in Europe, America, Australasia, the Middle East, Asia and above all, China.

We have a network of strategic partners with the skills and knowledge to provide successful outcomes. In dealings with South East-Asia there are specific requirements one needs to appreciate and understand. In addition, we are able to direct you to professionals in the areas of grants, shipping, law, transport and government excise regulations.

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of areas, including International trade, importing and exporting guidance, marketing, manufacturing, business development, coordinating international trade events. ACCE has assisted many businesses small, medium and large in the private and public sector. We have been engaged in mining, building & construction, education, health, and retail products, IT, renewable energy and management consultancy sectors.

Our business consultants are fluent in English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Due to the size of the Asian business market, it is only hands on local experience that provides a sound understanding of how their process and systems operate.

The Chinese Market Team
Our Chinese market business team has owned nearly 20 years of empirical experience and offered their services in many international and domestic government or business projects. With extensive social resources and contacts and rich experience in the Chinese region, our team is successful in business and capital invitation, import and export transactions, operation of multiple brands, country-wide market development and management, marketing in the Chinese market, corporate operation and management, project operation and management, physical store management, E-Commerce platform development, management and operation, and the like.